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I felt very comfortable working with Florence on a topic that was difficult for me to talk about and process. She was very sensitive, kind, and compassionate about my story.
Florence helped me to structure my story. We talked about how to look after the audience when revealing emotional content and also how to order my material to have the most impact.
Florence helped me see the links and draw comparisons between different parts of my story. I added callbacks and echoed previous parts to make my conclusion stronger and more effective.

- Frances Ransome
Author of The Franzone

Florence’s enthusiasm and love for storytelling is contagious. She is a staunch advocate for others and has a remarkable talent for bringing the best out of the writers she works with. When I first met Florence, I was a closet writer who NEVER shared my work. Florence met me with nothing but encouragement and support and since then I have published multiple stories and developed the confidence to make the leap to paid freelance writing. Without her, I doubt I would be in the position I am in today – where I now call myself a writer confidently and with conviction.

- Eleanor Whiteley
Author of Parent's Evening, Just Living, Behind The Brontes, We Need To Talk About Sapiens, The Lockdown Game, Fish Out Of Water, Lancaster University, Phantom Dave, Meditations 2020, The Nature of Mews

Florence Hood has been working for the Russian Psychological Society's Journal "Psychology in Russia: State of the Art" as a native speaking editor evaluating the English language quality of submitted articles since March of 2021.
She executes her assignments on time, thoroughly and industriously. Her assessments and editing are of good quality. Communicating with her is a pleasure as she is also a nice, polite and pleasant person.

- Kristina Tarasova
Editor, Russian Psychological Society

Working with Florence has not only inspired me to write more and more often, stoking a love for writing which is so important, but she has improved my writing too. Feedback from her is so constructive, it asks questions that need to be asked. I am certainly a much better writer thanks to Florence.

- Matthew Walker
Author of Toast, The Meaning of Life, We May Breathe The Same Air, Martian Existentialism, Just Keep Calm, Brunch, B&B, The Wanderer, The Saloon, Richard III, I've Already Told You Everything, Trust, Enough, Welcome Home, Playtime, Chicken Soup, The Bet, It's Just Human Nature, Baby, Contradiction, Wait, The Library, The Roommate, Turns Out I Love You, The English Monarchs, Rituals, The Cigarette Break, Comfortable, Once Bitten, The First Day, Therapy

Florence was extremely kind and helpful from day one, walking me through the entire process. She always has an encouraging word for all collaborators and offers guidance when needed, taking the time to reply to any questions that may arise. Thanks to her, I have created new fiction pieces or poems almost every month, something I never predicted as an amateur writer!

- Adriana Alvarez
Author of Nowhere But You, Ramen, The Universe, The Middle of Nowhere, Dark and Light, Stubborn, Tree (A True Mind Ramble), Burnt, She Has Never Seen The Sea, Ocean, The Pit, Things I Never Said AKA Gin, Missing, Hope, Ice Cold Milk, Breath Breathe Air

Working with Florence has taught me quite a few things. First of all, how to create not just on a whim, awaiting a capricious muse, but with a steady pace, how to develop a routine for the artistic without stifling the creativity.
Second of all, how to create more ethically and consciously. To always be aware of potential triggers and have tenderness to the sensitivities and experiences of others.
Third of all, how to create more boldly. Exploration of the dark, of the painful and of the oftentimes taboo opens doors that seemed to be boarded up. When approaching such themes with tenderness, care and curiosity it is possible to explore them vividly yet respectfully.
Overall working with Florence has shown me that I am capable of creating work that can truly move people and is even half-decent.

- Kat Soloviev
Director, performer, author of Petite-Morte, Category Is..., Orange Marmalade, It's Completely Yours, Whatever Works, Casual Conversations vol. 1 and vol. 2, Equilibrium, Efflorescence, (Un)Forgettable, A Short Ode of Woe (In The Key of Sock), Apart, Basic Need, Nourish, Humdrum Horror, Gentle Kick

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