Looking Up

Do you remember clouds?


We used to see them. Lots. Everyday. Before the sky was this mass of flat grey-white. A big blank canvas hanging over us.

The clouds. They used to hang in the sky. They were grey and white and silver. Sometimes purply-black.

You could see them against the sky. You could see their shape and their depth and their shadows. They weren’t flat like this.

Back then, they hung against a backdrop of blue. Sometimes grey. Sometimes black. Sometimes pink and yellow and gold when the sun rose and set.

Yes, I saw the sun. Sometimes even looked right at it, even though I wasn’t meant to.

I miss clouds.

I miss sunrises.

I miss stars.

Stars were- oh, never mind.

Sometimes, I dream about stars.

Now, the universe ends where the buildings do. As if someone has forgotten to paint in the sky.

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